PVC foam wall panel


Products: PVC foam wall panel (need materials like calcium zinc stabilizer, PVC foaming agent,PE wax, processing AIDS, etc.)

A new customer bought a PVC wood fiber wall panel production line, because it is a new factory and they didn't have the wall panel production experience , our company Qingdao Hairuite was introduced to them by a friend, Can provide customers with PVC rigid foaming overall solutions, and experienced technical team to solve all production problems. Customers checked the website and contacted us. After knowing customers request, we recommended the suitable formula to them, and later after they placed the order with our materials, our technical team visited their factory to do the service.

Our engineers used the wall panel formula, special calcium and zinc stabilizer, this stabilizer has a long thermal stability time, good processing performance, rapid plasticizing, can reduce the amount of regulator cost-effective. And also used our other materials, including PVC foaming agent,PE wax,PVC processing AIDS, etc., All the materials were tested successful, perfect product appearance!

pvc foam regulator

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