The electric rationing policy is coming!


The electric rationing policy is coming! Thousands of enterprises stop production, materials price rises again! Why and what happened?


Recently, with the policy documents of multiple underground energy consumption and dual control, all kinds of industries with high energy consumption and high pollution have stopped production, and the news of production restriction and upgrading in Jiangsu, Yunnan and Zhejiang has exploded the circle of friends! Why cut power and stop production? What impact will it bring to the industry?


Power rationing is essentially a lack of coal and electricity. Compared with 2019, the national coal output has hardly increased, while the power generation is rising, and the coal inventory of Beigang and power plants has decreased significantly. The reasons for coal shortage are as follows:


(1) In the early coal supply side reform, a number of small coal mines and open-pit coal mines with safety problems were closed, but there were no large coal mines. Under the background of good coal demand this year, coal supply was tight;


(2) This year's export situation is very good, the power consumption of light industrial enterprises and low-end manufacturing industries has increased, the power plant is a large coal consumer, the coal price is too high, which has increased the production cost of the power plant, and the power to increase production is insufficient;


(3) This year's coal import has changed from Australia to other countries. The price of imported coal has increased significantly, and the world coal price remains high.















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