• 1.What are the decomposition problems of NC white foaming agent series?

      The thermal decomposition of NC white foaming agent series is endothermic, while the decomposition of other foaming agents is exothermic. The decomposition temperature range is 140 ~220"C, and the use of active agents is not required. Decomposition depends only on heat supply and reaction conditions, such as friction and compression.

    • 2.What are the application problems of NC white foaming agent series?

      Compared with the foaming agent AC, the NC series can make the small nuclei evenly distributed (nucleation effect) and the surface is smooth (easy to apply paint), avoiding the problem of not coloring.NC series can be used in injection molding and extrusion systems, the recommended dose of 0. 2~1. 5% mass fraction, the actual use of processing temperature in the process of 180-220°C suitable. NC series are widely used as nucleating agent for thermoplastics. For example, the foaming of polyolefin, Pseva. PVC and other materials uses the direct injection of olefin, pentane, benzene, nitrogen and C02 gas foaming. Because in the high pressure process will promote the nucleus and form a good nuclear structure. But also use in the injection extrusion of many different thermoplastics, such as PVC, PS, ABS, PE, PP and modified PP0 processing.

    • 3.What are the advantages of calcium and zinc stabilizers?

      The calcium-zinc stabilizer developed by our company greatly improves the stability of the compound calcium-zinc stabilizer, which not only makes its initial thermal stability meet the requirements of product processing, but also has good long-term thermal stability effect. High performance, green, non-toxic heat stabilizer. With high product quality, wide range of use, market prospects and other advantages.

    • 4.What is the use range of AC foaming agent?

      AC foaming agent series is the most widely used foaming agent in plastics and rubber and can be used in PVC, PP, EVA, ABS, PS, EPDM, SBR and TPR. HRT series AC foaming agents can be used for the synthesis of almost all rubber and plastics required activator-like additives. This series of products are non-toxic, flame retardant, and has a relatively high decomposition temperature, and release a lot of gas. As a result, they are safer to use than any other colorless foaming agent, and they can produce a kind of white, miniature multi-empty structure.

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